SolarCharger FCM

55 EUR
excluding VAT
SKU: 1091

✔︎ IP65 rated
✔︎ Micro USB connection
✔︎ Extends the battery life

✔︎ Register your SolarCharger FCM purchase and get a 3 year warranty

With the SolarCharger FCM connected to your camera you will extend the battery life during warmer months and sunshine and you do not have to charge it as frequently. You connect the panel to the power outlet on your camera. The panel has a IP65 weatherproof rating and has a solar cell effect of 3 W. It weighs only 360 g and has a cable length of 2 meter.

SolarCharger FCM is compatible with FarmCam Mobility, FarmCam Mobility S, FarmCam 360 and FarmCam 360S. The connection is Micro USB.

Solar cell effect: 3 W Output voltage: 6 V
IP classification: IP65 Length of cable: 2 m
Output: Micro USB Working temperature: -20° C to +85° C
Weight: 360 g Size: 185 x 155 x 20 mm