How to register your warranty

This section outlines the key steps for the warranty registration process and step-by-step guidance for users seeking to safeguard their Luda.Farm equipment. Kindly note that users are required to provide details such as serial number, purchase date and a proof of purchase.


To register your warranty the first step is to create an account in the My.Luda.Farm app. You need to provide your contact details and choose a password. This account serves as a personalized hub for managing your warranty claims and information. The My.Luda.Farm app is available in four languages: English, Swedish, French, and German.


To login, enter your registered account details - email and your choosen password.


Go to the left-hand side menu and select the "My Warranties" section. Press the "Add" button to the right.

Register a new warranty

Complete the mandatory fields marked with a red star. The mandatory fields include the serial number, product, date of purchase and the name of the retailer or distributor from whom the product was purchased. You are also requested to add the proof of purchase, allowed formats for uploading the receipt is png, jpg and pdf. Review all entered information accuracy before submitting the registration form. Please note that a confirmation email will not be sent; instead, all warrantys are handled exclusively within the "My Warranties" section.

My Warranties

In the "My Warranties" section, you gain a comprehensive overview and the ability to manage all your warranties efficiently.