All cameras in one app

The FarmCam 2.0 app supports FarmCam HD, FarmCam Mobility, FarmCam Mobility S, FarmCam 360, FarmCam 360S and FarmCam Flex. The app is free of charge.

Receive notifications

With push notifications activated you will get notifications immediately the camera detects motion. If you only want to receive push notifications during certain times, you can customise the notification schedule.

Change camera settings

Whether you want to schedule video recording or configure detection sensitivity, you can adjust the camera to suit your needs and surrounding.

Check video recording

The cameras can record video to physical storage, which is included with your camera purchase. View recorded videos directly in your smartphone any time and anywhere.


The app has a multi-view function which allows users to view several cameras at the same time. You can view up to 9 cameras simultaneously.

Share your camera

You can share your camera with family and co-workers by scanning the QR code of the camera in the app.

Download the app