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System: C

✔︎ Add up to four cameras
✔︎ Up to 50 m line-of-sight range
✔︎ Up to 10 m night vision

ForkliftCam is a professional digital camera system designed for forklifts.

✔︎ Register your ForkliftCam purchase and get a 3-year warranty

ForkliftCam was designed for daily usage in tough conditions. The robust combination of an IP69K camera, a shock-tolerant 7’’ monitor, and a PowerBank with 40 kg of holding force makes this kit perfect for use in industry, warehousing, and logistics.

The camera transmits a high-resolution and interferencefree signal to the monitor for razor-sharp image quality. It is also equipped with LED lighting to keep the area around the fork tips visible even in dark conditions. 

At full charge, the PowerBank will last for up to 32 hours of two-camera operation. This system can be supplemented with other vehicle cameras, such as a rear-view camera. The picture of two cameras can be viewed simultaneously in the split-screen function of the monitor.

You can use a SD-card (not included) to easily record and document what you see on the monitor. It will record the channel (or channels if the monitor is put in split-screen mode) that you see on the monitor.

Included in the package:
1 x Monitor
1 x Camera
1 x 3 dBi antenna
1 x Monitor direct power cable
1 x Camera power cable
1 x PowerBank 25000
1 x Sunshade for monitor
1 x Flat antenna 10 cm
1 x Fan shaped monitor stand

Operating frequency: 2400 - 2483.5 MHz Power supply: 10 - 32 VDC
Operating temperature: - 20°C - +70°C Screen size: 7"
Power supply: 10 - 32 VDC Power consumption: 6W
Antenna output power: 20 dBm  Resolution:  800 x 480
Antenna:  3 dBi Aspect ratio: 16:9
Camera angle: 45° IP classification: IP30
IP classification: IP69K Operation temperature: - 20°C to + 70°C
Max range line-of-sight: Up to 50m Antenna: 5dBi
Visible LED illumination: Yes Channels: 4
IR LED illumination: No Latency: 120 ms
Power consumption: 200mA/12V - 105mA/24V System format: PAL / NTSC
Split screen function: Yes
Recording: Yes
Loop functionality: Yes


Add a rear-view camera to your system

ForkliftCam can be supplemented with another vehicle camera, such as a rear-view camera. You can have up to four cameras connected to the same monitor. You can view two cameras at the same time using the monitors' split-screen function. On the monitor, you can also choose to view the cameras in mirror mode and use the channel loop function for all four cameras.

Powerful LED illumination

The integrated LED lighting illuminates the close range of the fork tines. The camera provides good light on the fork tines and shelves even in the darker areas of a logistics hall.