We Make Your Farm Smarter

The Luda.Farm products saves you time and money but also increase the control and security of your farm. With the help of smart cameras and sensors, you get information directly to your mobile. This allows you to act quickly when something happens.

Smart Farming

Monitor and control all areas of your farm in a single app
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LUDA FarmCam IP Camera and Phone, Tablet

Farm Video Surveillance

Save time and money with our smart camera systems
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MacineCam Mobility

Vehicle Cameras

Optimise vehicle control and safety with cameras
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Monitor your farm through the My.Luda.Farm app

Farm Video Surveillance

The Luda.Farm range of wireless camera systems help you keep track of your farming operations and solve everyday problems. We have worked closely with farmers for over 10 years to make sure that our camera systems are adapted to the real needs of farmers, and can keep up with the daily work on a farm.

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