Introducing FarmCam Flex 5MP: a new state of the art farm camera system

Introducing FarmCam Flex 5MP: a new state of the art farm camera system

Introducing FarmCam Flex 5MP: a new state of the art farm camera system

Today, Luda.Farm is thrilled to announce the launch of the FarmCam Flex 5MP. A unique camera system that enables you to install internet connected cameras in areas that were previously unreachable. 

FarmCam Flex is engineered with simplicity in mind. Say goodbye to complicated setups and technical challenges! When installing the system, you do not need any special tools or skills, and it needs minimal configuration. All that is required is a screwdriver, drill, hammer, and a ladder, making it a straightforward installation process. 

No need for an internet connection in your barn or farm building, FarmCam Flex extends your household internet connection to wherever you need it. The system includes two antennas, the first one mounted on your house and the second one on the building you want to monitor. This creates a wireless internet bridge, without the need for long and buried cabling. The wireless signal between the antennas has a transmission range of up to 1500 m with free line of sight. 

“The system is tailored to the stringent requirements of a farm environment, including weatherproofing all parts except the connection to the router. The camera(s) and receiving antenna are connected to the included Flex Hub, which provides network connection and power in one cable. When installing the Flex Hub, all you need is a power socket and a screwdriver.” 

Edward Ternander, Product Manager at Luda.Farm 

The FarmCam Flex camera has a 5MP (2560x1920) resolution, letting you view a high-quality video stream directly in your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It also has an IR light with 30 m range enabling viewing in low-light conditions. This means that you can check in on your animals even during nighttime, without having to leave the comfort of your bed. 

The Flex Starter kit supports up to three cameras, but you can easily extend the system by adding another Flex Hub. Simply connect the two Flex Hubs with an ethernet cable and now you have a system that supports up to seven cameras. 

“FarmCam Flex represents a significant leap forward by making cutting edge farm monitoring technology easily accessible. But, the FarmCam Flex system is more than just cameras, it will serve as the base for other connected devices and accessories. The first planned addition to the Flex product line is a Wi-Fi hotspot, to be released Q1 2024, that enables you to connect Wi-Fi units such as the FarmCam 360S or your smartphone.” 

           ― Jonas Andersson, CEO at Luda.Farm 


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