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✔︎ First year of subscription included
✔︎ Connects to your smartphone
✔︎ Multiple users

A smart remote power switch you can control from your smartphone.

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SmartPlug is a smart remote power switch that is controlled by your smartphone and can be used anywhere you have GSM coverage. SmartPlug connects your electric equipment to the My.Luda.Farm app and turns ordinary machines into smart equipment. Switch your equipment on and off from anywhere in the world and check both the temperature and power consumption. You can also receive alarms in case of a power failure or if the temperature goes outside a desired range.

You can add multiple SmartPlugs in My.Luda.Farm and invite co-workers or family to share your SmartPlug, either via email or phone. If the user does not already have an account, they will be asked to create one in My.Luda.Farm.

Power units, pumps, fans, lighting, etc. – there is a variety of equipment on a farm that you would ideally like to keep an eye on even when you are not there. Using the My.Luda.Farm app, you can remotely control your equipment and also keep track of the current temperature, the current power consumption of the connected equipment (W) and the total energy consumption (kWh). 

When power returns after a power failure, SmartPlug will automatically connect and switch to the power state it was in before the power cut. The LED panel indicates the power status, and you can switch SmartPlug on/off manually using the button on the front panel.

There is no monthly fee for remotely controlling the electric power or checking temperature and power consumption. For enhanced functionality, we recommend adding the Control+ subscription. 12 months of Control+ is included. Current price* €24/year or €4/month.   

Included in the package:
1 x SmartPlug
1 x Temperature sensor


* Ex. VAT. For up to date pricing, please visit My.Luda.Farm.

This product requires 2G/GSM network coverage at the site where it will be installed to function.

Communication: GSM 2G dual-band Operating temperature: –20ºC - +60º C
Power: AC 110 - 250 V, 50 Hz Storage temperature: –20ºC - +70º C
Max power capacity: 250 V, 16 A IP classification: IP20
Length of temperature cable: 3 m Temperature precision: ±1º C
Temperature range: –20º C - +60º C


What can I connect to the SmartPlug?

A wide range of appliances can be used with the SmartPlug: fences, heating fan, lighting, pump etc. Make sure that the power consumption of the appliance does not exceed the power capacity of the SmartPlug:

230 V, 16 A, 50 Hz, 3600 W

Enhanced functionality with Control+

Thermostat: Turns connected devices on or off based on your temperature settings.

Timer: Turns connected devices on or off based on your timer settings.

Power Guard: Sends an alarm to your smartphone when a power failure occurs at the connected equipment.

Power Consumption Guard: Alerts you when the electrical load goes above or drops below set levels.

Temperature Guard: Alerts you when temperature increases above or drops below set levels.