LiftCam Pro


A wireless camera for industrial use

LiftCam Pro is a professional camera system, designed for industrial use, that improves the safety and efficiency of your operations. A wireless camera system that works out of the box – interference-free, instant HD video transmission, and installation takes just 1 minute. Full freedom to place the camera wherever you need it. Place the camera at the base of your fork to load pallets with precision, on the side of the fork to see around high pallets, or at the back of the machine to reverse comfortably. The PowerBank battery gives you up to 30h of working time and lets you move the camera between machines in seconds. Both camera and battery attaches magnetically, just pick up your camera, walk to the next machine, and place it where you want. The LiftCam Pro screen automatically connects up to 4 cameras to the same screen. With split screen you can view your rear-view and fork camera on the same screen. Equipped with night-vision, LiftCam Pro is made for work in any lighting conditions. Rugged design, built to last, water-resistant, and comes with a 3-year warranty if you register here.

Distributed by TVH

  Luda_picture_LiftCamPro_only_product_on_wellpapboxes_2016_04_16 Luda_picture_LiftCamPro_in_action_closeUp_1000px_2016_04_16  

  • Professional camera system
  • HD (720p) video
  • Wireless that works!
  • Installation takes 1 minute
  • Interference-free digital video with instant transmission
  • Split screen and camera loop
  • Night-vision
  • Built-in heater (anti-frost and anti-mist)
  • Recording*
  • Sound
  • Rugged, water-resistant design (IP69K)
  • 3-year warranty if you register here
*) SD card needed, not included with the camera. (max 32GB)  **) With online registration.
  Luda_picture_LiftCamPro_inaction_POV_100px_2016_04_16  Luda_picture_LiftCamPro_inaction_Cameraleft_1000px_2016_04_16