MachineCam Mini

A flexible wireless camera in a compact format

MachineCam Mini is a compact machine camera designed to make your work easier, safer, and more efficient. Photo of MachineCam Mini: Screen, camera and packaging

A wireless camera that works – interference-free, instant high-quality video transmission, and installation takes just 1 minute. Full freedom to place the camera wherever you need it. MachineCam Mini lets you connect a camera on your forager to a screen in a silage trailer tractor. Or place the camera on your front-loader attachment for easy loading. MachineCam Mini enables operators to combine speed with precision. With a fixed placement, MachineCam Mini connects to your machine power supply. The MachineCam Mini screen automatically connects up to 4 cameras to the same screen. Manual loops between your connected cameras. Equipped with night-vision, MachineCam Mini is made for long work-days on the farm. Rugged design, built to last, water-resistant, and comes with a 3-year warranty*.

With the optional PowerBank battery accessory gives you 24h of working time and lets you move the camera between machines in seconds. Both camera and battery attaches magnetically, just pick up your camera, walk to the next machine, and place it where you want.


  • Compact camera system
  • High-quality video
  • Wireless that works!
  • Installation takes 1 minute
  • Interference-free digital video with instant transmission
  • Camera loop
  • Night-vision
  • Rugged, water-resistant design (IP66)
  • 3-year warranty*

*) With online registration.


Included in the Box

  • Camera
  • 5″ Monitor
  • 12V Power Cable
  • Monitor Holder
  • Direct Power Cable
  • Installation Kit (For mounting the camera)

 Luda Photo MachineCamMini Camera on Machine Luda Photo MachineCam Mini Monitor in Tractor


Accessories image MachineCam Mini camera

Extra Camera

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