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A wireless camera system for farm surveillance

FarmCam is a wireless camera system that keeps you connected to important events and locations on your farm.

A wireless camera system that works out of the box – interference-free, instant high-quality video transmission, and installation takes minutes. View the video on screen, or connect to your internet connection to view video on your smartphone, tablet or computer through the FarmCam app. Check in on your animals from the cab of your harvester, record* movement around your parked machines, or view the feed troughs from your own breakfast table. Connect up to 4 cameras, view and zoom on your screen, or watch all 4 cameras at the same time in split screen view. The FarmCam app makes it easy to switch between different camera views or get an overview of several cameras. With night-vision, FarmCam monitors your farm both day and night. The camera features motion-detection, records* both video and sound, and can send notifications and alarms directly to your email if it detects movement outside your working hours. Rugged design, built to last, water-resistant, and comes with a 3-year warranty**.

  • Complete camera system
  • High-quality video
  • Wireless that works! (max. range 1250 m)
  • View on screen or through the FarmCam app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Connect up to 4 cameras
  • Motion detection and night-vision
  • Alarms and notifications directly to your email
  • Recording*
  • Sound
  • Rugged, water-resistant design (IP66)
  • 3-year warranty**

*) SD card needed, not included with the camera. (max 32GB)
**) With online registration.


Download app for your smartphone here:

LUDA FarmCam Installation Example Overview in 3D

LUDA FarmCam Monitor with Splitscreen

LUDA FarmCam ContentsIncluded:

  • 1 Wireless video camera
  • 1 Touch screen LCD monitor
  • 1 5V outdoor power adapter for camera
  • 2 large antennas & bracket
  • 1 16m atenna cable for camera
  • 1 5V power adapter for monitor
  • 1 medium antenna & bracket for monitor
  • 1 9m antenna cable for monitor
  • 1 9m antenna cable for camera or monitor
  • 1 Ethernet cable for internet
  • Screws for mounting


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FarmCam in Action

FarmCam Demo

FarmCam Guide


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FarmCam Accessories

Extra Camera Kit


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