The Luda.Farm range of wireless camera systems help you keep track of your farming operations and solve everyday problems. We have worked closely with farmers for over 10 years to make sure that our camera systems are adapted to the real needs of farmers, and can keep up with the daily work on a farm. picture of of a bran from a FarmCam IP picture of MachineCam camera an flexiPack on an harvester picture of a calving box view from a smartPhone The

FarmCam HD and FarmCam IP2 are designed for farm surveillance. They help you keep track of everything that goes on around your farm from any location. Place cameras in any spot that is important to you and your business. Calving is a sensitive time. With a camera in the calving booths you can rest easy knowing that you will spot problems right away. You save the time it takes to check in on the cows several times a day. Put a camera on your diesel tank, it will alert you if there is movement around the tank outside your normal working hours. With our cameras you can monitor important events and still get the job done. Because farmers are always on the move, we have made it easy to connect your camera system to the internet so that you can monitor via your smartphone or tablet.

The MachineCam, MachineCam Mobility and MachineCam Mini are designed for machine operations. They help you perform your daily machine tasks faster and in more comfort. With a camera on your baler you will spot any problems right away. You minimize losses from malfunction, and because you don’t have to get out of the cab all the time you save time and diesel. Harvest is a busy time. Rains and malfunctions can add up real losses. With a camera on your harvester auger you fill your grain carts to capacity. You save time when you need it most. Because farmers rely on several machines performing several tasks in their daily work. We developed the PowerBank to make it easy to switch machines or implements. Moving the camera and screen is as easy as picking them up and walking to the next machine. No wires, and no connections.

The TrailerCam 5D is designed specifically for horse transport. Avoiding disruptions is important, and reducing the strain on both horse and driver is a priority during transport. With a camera in your trailer you can monitor the welfare of your horse without ever leaving the car, and placing a second camera at the back of the trailer helps you reverse smoothly, without rocking the trailer and stressing your horse.

LiftCam Pro is geared towards industry, and brings the benefits of machine cameras to warehouse operations. When margins are tight, increasing the efficiency of your warehouse can add up to real savings. With a camera on your forklifts operators load goods faster, and you reduce the risk of damage.