Luda_film_SmartCamera_FCIP_270pxFarmCam IP

A smart camera system for your farm

FarmCam IP is a smart camera specially developed for farming

3 year warranty

FarmCam IP is the first smart camera, designed to work with the My.Luda.Farm platform. Delivering stunning HD video wirelessly to your phone, tablet, or computer, FarmCam IP packs an impressive range of features. Rugged, water-resistant design, motion detection and night vision, FarmCam IP is made for life on a farm. Combine with other devices such as Luda.Diesel to monitor use of your diesel tanks, or Luda.SmartPlug to turn lights and electric equipment (such as diesel pumps) on/off when there is movement in critical areas outside normal working hours.FarmCamIP can send alarms and notifications to the farmer, co-workers, and neighbours when it spots suspicious movement outside of normal working hours.


Key benefits

  • HD (720p) video
  • Watch live video in the My.Luda.Farm app on your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Connects through WiFi and installation takes just 10 minutes
  • Motion detection alarms sent to farmer, co-workers, or neighbours
  • Rugged, water-resistant design (IP66) and a 3-year warranty with online registration
  • The safety of knowing that your cameras watch your farm 24/7
  • Combine with Luda.SmartPlug and Luda.Diesel for a wider range of functions


FarmCam Ip icons

Camera view PC

FarmCam IP overview from a pc

Actual footage exempel