Connect your electric equipment to the My.Luda.Farm app

3 year warrantyLuda.SmartPlug turns any electronic equipment into smart farm equipment

The Luda.SmartPlug connects your electric equipment to the My.Luda.Farm app and turns ordinary machines into smart farm equipment. The Luda.SmartPlug connects through the normal phone network for complete coverage, free of charge, and comes equipped with a temperature sensor for an expanded range of functionality. Turn equipment on/off from your phone or tablet, monitor temperature and power consumption in simple graphs. With the extended Control+ package the Luda.SmartPlug packs a range of advanced timer and climate control functionality. With the extended Alarm+ package you receive alarms when power fails, or when power or temperature moves outside your set alarm range. Save time and money by being able to fix problems when and where they happen.

SmartPlug usage illustration


  • SmartPlug connects any electrical equipment to the My.Luda.Farm app
  • Turn your important electric equipment on/off using your phone, tablet or computer, wherever you are
  • Monitor temperature and power consumption in simple graphs directly on your phone
  • Combine with FarmCam IP, Luda.Fence, or Luda.Diesel for great new functionality


With the extended Alarm+ package (from €2/month)

  • Receive alarms in your phone or by email when there is a power failure
  • Receive alarms when temperatures fall outside your set range or when they change very fast
  • Receive alarms when power consumption falls outside of your set range

With the extended Control+ package (from €2/month)

  • combine monitoring functions with advanced timers,
  • turn power on/off at sunset and sunrise,
  • or in response to the room temperature.



Please check the need of adaptors for your country
Front Type F (Schuko) 
Backside Male Type E (French)

Download the App here

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Control temperature and activate emergency heater in a greenhouse or any electrical device like water pump, diesel pump or electrical fan.


Luda.Farm SmartPlug – Model Nr: 1071

Technical  specification:

GSM: 2G Dual-band 900/1800 MHZ

Power input: AC110-250V/50Hz

Maximum load: 250V / 16 A

Operating temperature:  -20ºC-60ºC

Storage Temperature: -20ºC-70ºC

Protection class: IP20 only internal operation

Temperature sensor cable length:  3m

Temperature sensor range: -20ºC+60ºC

Temperature sensor accuracy: ±1ºC

System Requirements for APPs: Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 6 or higher