Luda.Fence monitors the electric fence for you 24/7 

Luda.Fence is an electric fence monitor that alerts you immediately when the fence breaks which means you can act quickly and avoid the animals from escaping.

With Luda.Fence each farm saves on average 50 hours per year which makes it a good investment. But the best thing about Luda.Fence is that you can keep calm and be sure that the animals are kept in the pasture. Luda.Fence notifies you through an app (My.Luda.Farm) if the voltage in your fence would drop. With Alarm+ (optional), you will receive an alarm immediately in case the voltage drops in addition to a convenient voltage graph to help you determine whether the voltage drop is due to animals or shrubs/rain. Luda.Fence can be used everywhere where there is GSM coverage. The app is available for Android, Mac, IOS, and Windows.






This is how it works:

1. Luda.Fence can be connected at any point on your existing fence. The unit can be powered for 2 months with the rechargeable battery, or it can be constantly supplied with 220 V or 12 V.

2. The voltage is measured by connecting the red fence clamp to the fence and the green ground clamp to the ground pin.

3. The voltage level of the fence is sent to My.Luda.Farm through the built-in SIM card, which always selects the operator with the strongest signal (i.e. operator-independent). You can check the fence status on your mobile whenever your want without having to physically visit the fence in the field to measure the voltage. Alarm+ warns you immediately if the fence voltage drops and it also gives you access to the handy Fence Voltage Graph™.

If the unit does not report for 48 hours or if the battery level becomes too low, you will automatically receive a notification from My.Luda.Farm on your mobile phone. There is no monthly fee for checking the most recently measured voltage (updated every 48 hours). *=For enhanced functionality, Alarm+ is available as described below. A 30-day trial of Alarm+ is included.


ALARM+ option

You activate the Alarm+ by opening your My.Luda.Farm app, go to Luda.Fence and ALARM +, then click “Activate”.

Voltage drop alarm
Alerts you and your colleagues in case the voltage of your fence would drop. Save time and money by instantly finding out if animals have broken the fence or if you have grass that draws power from your fencing.

Fence Voltage Graph™
Through the voltage graph you see if the voltage drop is sudden (caused by animals) or slow (grass or rain). The graph helps you to make the right decision when you need to prioritize your time.

€ 60/year (€ 5/month when choosing annual subscription) or € 10/month.
30-day trial included.

Included in package


  • Luda.Fence fence guard
  • 220 V outdoor charger
  • Ground pin
  • 12 V outdoor charger
  • Fence clamp
  • Earth clamp
  • 3-year warranty

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question: How often does the fence guard check the fence voltage?
With Alarm+, the unit checks the fence voltage once every minute when using a constant power supply or once every 10 minutes with battery power. Without Alarm+, a voltage check of the fence is performed every 48 hours.

Question:  The GSM coverage where we have the animals is poor. Will the feature work anyway?
Answer: First check if you have mobile coverage at the location where you want to install the unit. If possible, try this with other mobile phones connected to different GSM operators. Luda.Fence automatically connects to the GSM operator with the strongest signal in your area (operator-independent).

Question: Can other people access my Luda.Fence?
Answer: Yes, using the My.Luda.Farm app you can decide which colleagues or family members you want to invite to your farm.

Question: Which units/electric fences does the Luda.Fence guard work with?
Answer: Luda.Fence is model independent and works with all existing unit/fence brands on the market.

Question: How long does the battery last and will I know if it becomes discharged?
Answer: The battery will last for at least 2 months. When the battery level falls below 10%, you will receive a notification from My.Luda.Farm on your mobile phone.

For additional FAQ, please visit our support portal.


Article name: Luda.Fence

Article number: 1072

Communication: GSM 2G dual-band 900/1,800 MHz

Battery type (included): Rechargeable Li-ion battery 18650, 3.7 V, 3,400 mAh (2 months operating time)

AC adapter: 100–240 V AC power

Fence sensor: 12 V DC, 1 A

IP class: IP65

Voltage range: 100–12,000 V

Voltage accuracy: ±100 V

Joule: Maximum 15 joule

Operating temperature: –20ºC – +50ºC

Storage temperature: –40ºC – +50ºC

System requirements: Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 6 or higher, or using a browser on your computer (

€ 199
RRP ex Vat



Video example

Why is Luda.Fence a good investment?

How does it work?

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Install it directly on your fence in the field or connected to a power supply