Monitor your fences 24/7 on your phone

Luda.Fence sensor connects your fences to the My.Luda.Farm app

Luda.Fence connects your electric fences to the My.Luda.Farm app. Receive immediate alarms when your animals break the fence or any other problem arises, and sends notifications when voltage levels go below your set levels. Luda.Fence simplifies your work by helping you plan fence maintenance work automatically. Combine with the Luda.SmartPlug to turn your fences on/off without going to your energizer during maintenance. The Luda.Fence sensor can alert you, your co-workers, or a neighbour, when there is a breakage in your fence.

3 year warranty

  • See the current status and voltage in your fence in the My.Luda.Farm app
  • Combine with Luda.SmartPlug to turn your energizer on/off from a distance

With the Alarm+ service (from €5/month)

  • Save time and money by being notified immediately when your animals break through the fence
  • Automatic alarms to farmer and employees at low voltage
  • Keep track of grass growth and plan work through a simple voltage chart

€ 199
RRP ex Vat

Available 09/2017


Install it directly on your fence in the field or connected to a power supply