Guard your diesel tank and track consumption

3 year warranty

Luda.Diesel lets you take control of your biggest budget post

Luda.Diesel connects your diesel tanks to the My.Luda.Farm app. See your current diesel levels and track monthly consumption in a simple graph and in a monthly report delivered to you by email. Monitor for possible theft or illegal consumption. With the Alarm+ package you receive theft alarms when diesel levels decrease outside normal working hours, or when there is a sudden change in diesel levels. Together with FarmCam IP, Luda.Diesel can trigger your camera to start recording when there is movement around your diesel tank, and with the Luda.SmartPlug you can turn your diesel pump on/off wherever you are.



  • See the current diesel level in your tanks
  • Combine with Luda.SmartPlug to turn the pump or lights at the pump on/off
  • Combine with FarmCam IP to record each time your diesel tank is accessed

With the Alarm+ service 

  • Theft alarm when diesel levels drop outside normal working hours
  • Warning when a refill is happening, or in the case of levels dropping suddenly
  • Diesel can send automatic refill notifications via sms(fee) or directly to your diesel supplier
  • Inspect your monthly diesel consumption through a simple chart
  • Receive a weekly diesel consumption report by email


€ 249

RRP excl. VAT

Delivery 2018