Launch Spring 2017 – The Luda.Farm smart farming solution helps you monitor all critical issues in your farming operations and turn your farm into a smart farm. The Luda.Farm app collects information from all your sensors, gives you information when you need it, and monitors your farm 24/7 so that you don’t have to.

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Farmers deal with many daily tasks and questions that require the skills and expertise of the farmer. But some time-consuming tasks are routine:

  • When do I need to order diesel?
  • Is the temperature in the roost ok?
  • Do the cows in the field have enough water?
  • When do I need to cut the grass around the electric fence?

With the Luda.Farm smart farming solution you don’t have to constantly check on, or worry about routine tasks. The Luda.Farm app collects information from all your cameras and sensors 24/7. It notifies you of an issue when it arises, giving you peace of mind to focus on your important tasks. The Luda.Farm smart farming solution is modular and easy to use. Start small and build big. Adding a new sensor is easy: place it, pair it, and you are up and running.

The Luda.Farm app is the hub for all your sensors and cameras and a user-friendly dashboard for your entire farm. Watch camera feeds, turn equipment on and off, monitor your diesel consumption and set warning levels for all your sensors. Add your co-workers to the Luda.Farm app and you can send notifications to the person working closest to the relevant site.

The Diesel Sensor monitors the level of diesel in your tank. The Luda.Farm app sends you an alarm if the level drops outside normal hours, and sends a notification when it is time to order new diesel. The Fence Sensor monitors the voltage in your fences. Turn your fence on and off from the app, and receive a notification when it is time to trim the grass around your fence. The Temperature Sensor monitors temperature in any space. Place a sensor in the roost and receive an alarm anytime the temperature might affect egg production.

The Smart Switch is a power switch that lets you turn the power on and off from within the Luda.Farm app. Connect a water pump to the Smart Switch and you can pump water to cows in the field without having to be there. Connect your smart switch to your diesel sensor and it can cut power to your diesel pump when there is a possible theft in progress.

The FarmCam IP the first camera developed for the Luda.Farm smart farming solution. The FarmCam IP connects to your other sensors through the Luda.Farm app. If there is movement around your parking during night, the FarmCam IP motion-detection can start recording video and turn on the lights through your Smart Switch at the same time.