Luda.SolarCharger 3W

Let the sun charge your devices

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Luda.SolarCharger 3W – The solar panel that charges the battery for you

With the solar panel SolarCharger 3W connected to your FenceAlarm your battery will always be fully charged. This means that you no longer have to mount down and bring home your FenceAlarm unit for charging. Why not save time and energy using the sun’s rays? Natural energy at its best!

Connect the panel to the power outlet on your FenceAlarm – Done!

It takes just one sunny day to get your FenceAlarm fully charged

“When I connected the SolarCharger it was 48% charged.
The next day it was 98%”

Hans Johansson
Källsby Farm

Product Name: Luda.SolarCharger 3W

Article Number: 1085

Solar cell effect: 30W

Output: Micro USB, DC jack 5,5/2,1 mm

Current (max): 500 mA

Output voltage: 6V

IP classification: IP65

Colour: Black

Length: 185 mm

Width: 155 mm

Height: 20 mm

Weight: 360 g

Length of cable: 2 m

Technology: Monocrystalline

Working temperature: -20°C to +85°C

Product type: Solar Charger

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