FarmCam Mobility

Works Anywhere – Anytime

1 month free data volume (max 1 GB) included when you purchase a FarmCam Mobility
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FarmCam Mobility – A truly mobile camera made for farms

Through its 3G/4G connection and rechargeable battery you can place FarmCam Mobility wherever there is mobile network coverage. Works Anywhere – Anytime.

FarmCam Mobility is the perfect surveillance solution in places where you don’t have power or Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to the rechargeable battery and SIM-card, you can monitor your property, machines, animals, etc. in remote areas. As long as you have mobile network coverage, you can setup the camera wherever you need it.

Used together with the SolarCharger FCM you will not even have to think about recharging the battery. In other words, a truly mobile surveillance camera.

One Camera = Many Usage Areas

Improve the level of protection and safety of your property

The Smart Motion Sensor will register and record activities that appears in front of the camera.
When the camera registers an activity, you will be informed through a notification in your smartphone or by e-mail.

By distinguishing warm objects from tree branches that move in the wind, rain, flies, etc. the Smart Motion Sensor eliminates false alarms and ensures you are alerted to genuine situations.

Other useful features that come with the camera are Zoom, Night Vision, Alarm and Two-Way Audio (mic/speaker). If the camera detects trespassers, you can act by talking to them directly or scare them off by triggering the Alarm function of the camera.

The foal survived thanks to my FarmCamMobility!

At 3 o’clock at night we registered movement in the stable and I could see that the foal needed help to get free airways. We reached the stable in time to help. Our old surveillance camera did not work reliably and we had just bought Luda FarmCam HD a week earlier. We should have bought Luda Farmcam HD and FarmCam Mobility a long time ago – it allows us to monitor our entire area 24/7 with videos of the fields, water supply, horses and foals, whether we are at home or at work outside the city and regardless time of day.

The black and white picture is a photo from LudaFarm camera that registered movement in the stable. The horse that is about to give birth is in the foreground with the tail raised. Then I get up and go out into the hall.

Linda and HC Kærlev, Denmark



Use it wherever you have 3G/4G network coverage.


Rechargeable battery, lasting up to 2 months depending on usage.


SIM-card that automatically chooses the strongest network included. No settings needed: just Plug-n-Play.


Rain/sun, day/night - place the camera wherever you want without worrying about the weather.

Smart Motion Sensor

Smart heat and movement sensor ensures you are alerted to genuine situations and eliminates false alarms.

16 GB SD-Card

SD-card included for recording of motion events which you access through the FarmCam 2.0 App in your smartphone

Solar-Powered (optional)

Connect the camera to SolarCharger FCM* for full flexibility and non-stop power.


Built-in microphone & speaker allows you to listen to what’s going on and talk back.

Full HD

True 1080p (1920*1080) gives you clear and sharp images/videos, day and night.


Built-in speaker can trigger when motion is detected to discourage unwanted visitors.

My.Luda.Farm Compatible

Allows you to trigger your SmartPlug* when motion is detected.

3 Year Extended Warranty

Generous warranty and unlimited support in your own language**

*Sold as accessory
** Support available in English/German/French/Swedish

Subscription Alternatives (SIM-Card):

Pre-installed SIM card for plug-n-play experience with optional 4G subscription from 2,90 €/month.
You can also use your own SIM card.
Camera consumes data only when you watch video.

How it Works:

  1. Mount FarmCam Mobility wherever you need it.
  2. Built-in battery and SIM-card ensures up to 2 months of stand-by-mode and strongest available 4G network.
  3. Video and sound is sent wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

As easy as it gets!

FarmCam Mobility Unboxing & Setup




Horse Transport


How long does the battery last?

​➔ The rechargeable battery lasts approximately;
– 2 months in Standby mode
– 3 weeks with 10 min daily view (without recording).
– 2 weeks with 15 min daily view and 14 detected motions per day. 

Viewing in Standard mode or Full HD does not affect these values. 

Note that temperature has a big impact on all li-ion batteries and can temporarily reduce the battery performance. FarmCam Mobility will send you a low-battery notification if the battery level goes down to 10%.

How much data does FarmCam Mobility use?

➔ Data usage of the camera depends on what mode you are using to view the video. Watching 1 hour of live video in Standard mode will use about 0,1 GB of data. 1 hour of live video in Full HD mode will use about 1GB of data.

How does the pre-installed SIM-card work?

➔ The pre-installed SIM-card automatically chooses the strongest carrier available. You don’t have to do any configuration installation settings – just plug-and-play!

I don’t want to charge the battery every month – what options do I have?

➔ You can either use the included out-door power adaptor (IP44) or use the SolarCharger FCM (sold as accessory).

How long does FarmCam Mobility record if it detects the motion?

➔ The camera will record videos for 6 seconds when there is a movement. If the motion continues, the camera will keep recording.

Can I download recorded videos to my phone?

➔ Yes, you can download recorded videos from the camera to your phone. You will find them in Photos of IOS devices (iPhone/iPad), and in the FarmCam directory if you use Android.

Can I have lights being automatically turned on when the camera detects motion?

➔ Yes, if you also have the Luda.SmartPlug (sold as accessory), you can use it to automatically turn on any kind of electric equipment (such as lights) when the camera detects motion.

  • FarmCam Mobility camera 

  • Rechargeable battery

  • 230V outdoor power adaptor (IP44) – (for charging or permanent power)

  • Camera mount (with screws and bolts)

  • Camera skin

  • Rubber Mount

  • Allen wrench + pack of Screws

  • Reset Tool

  • SIM card

  • 16 GB Micro SD Card

  • 1 GB/1 Month free data

  • Roaming partners included (link)

  • 3 Year Extended Warranty

  • Quick Installation Guide

Article number: 1086

Frequency bands Europe: LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20

Operating temperature: –10°C to +50°C 

IP classification: Weatherproof, IP65 (IP66 with rubber mount/camera skin)

Battery: 7800 mAh rechargable battery (lasts up to two months in stand-by-mode)

Solar: Can be charged with Luda.SolarCharger FCM (sold separately)

DC power: 5V/2A 

Video resolution: 1920x1080p, 15 fps

Angle of view: 110° diagonal

Night vision: Up to 10 m

Digital zoom: 6x 

PIR detecting distance: Up to 10 m

PIR detecting angle: 120° horizontal

Local storage: Micro SD card, max 64 GB (16 GB included)

Audio: Speaker and microphone

Size: Ø 75 x 113 mm

SolarCharger FCM – charge the FarmCam Mobility battery by solar power.

Luda.SmartPlug – automatically trigger electronic equipment (such as lights) when camera detects motion.

Do you find it difficult to choose which camera would work best for you?
Try our Camera Guide and you should know within 1 min or have a look at our comparison table for a quick overview >>

FarmCam Mobility is roaming and connects to the strongest available network in the following countries:
Country NameOperator Name
Aland IslandsTelia Finland
AustriaA1 Telecom Austria
AustriaHutchison Drei Austria
AustriaT-Mobile Austria
BelgiumOrange Belgium

Installation Guide

Do you have any questions or concerns?

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