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Luda.Farm provides farmers across the world with innovative products and services that make every day work easier, safer, and more efficient. With 15 years of experience developing farm monitoring technology, Luda.Farm delivers user-friendly, internet-enabled solutions. By working closely with farmers and listening to their needs, Luda.Farm helps provide easy access to the digital revolution of the farming industry.

The new Luda.Farm Smart Farming solution is a modular platform with a suite of cameras and sensors connected to the Luda.Farm app. The app monitors the farm 24/7 and pushes relevant information (notifications and warnings) to the user when needed, relieving the need for constant monitoring, and providing a greater peace of mind to the farmer.

31-03-2021 Press release

FarmCam 360 – see more with only one camera

FarmCam 360 is a mobile surveillance camera for both indoor and outdoor use that can cover 360 degrees and be used even where you don’t have access to power. Built-in battery and the ability to connect to a solar panel gives you a monitoring solution in Full HD regardless of power supply.

FarmCam 360 can be used with a smartphone, tablet, or a computer. It has night vision, sound, motion detection with recording, alarm and a speaker with talk-back function built-in the camera. Weather resistant (IP65). Everything you need is included. 3 year warranty.

  • See more with only one camera – cover 360 degrees
  • Two-way-communication (built-in mic & speaker)
  • Independent of power (built-in battery)
  • Compatible with solar panel

Link to FarmCam 360 on our webpage >>

05-12-2019 Press release

FarmCam Mobility – the perfect monitoring solution where you do not have power or Wi-Fi.

Works anywhere – anytime
This surveillance camera is the most mobile we have ever launched! It sends pictures / videos via a SIM card (included) and the mobile network to your Smartphone, where you control all the camera’s functions via an App. The camera has three power options: built-in rechargeable battery (supplied), outdoor power adapter (supplied) and solar panel (optional).

Typical areas of use:
• The stable
• The dieseltank
• The horse transport
• The cortyard
• Hunting

FarmCam Mobility is IP65 rated, can withstand harsh weather conditions and gives you Full HD picture quality. It records both night and day with an intelligent motion detector that sends messages to your phone and alerts you if it senses a movement.

All these features allow you to use the camera anywhere, anytime, with the only requirement that you have 3G/4G mobile coverage.
We supply the camera as a complete kit including power adapter, rechargeable battery, SIM card, 16 GB memory card, protective case and shock protection ring.

“The biggest advantage as I see it is that it’s so easy to use the FarmCam camera. I can put it anywhere I want and monitor my farm on my cell phone.”
Nils Johansson, Dairy F armer

” What I like most is that I can use the same camera in my horse transport and in my stable to see my horses wherever I am.”
Sophia Blomqvist, Rider

Link to FarmCam Mobility on our webpage >>

Videos with FarmCam Mobility >> 

Luda.Farm company information Luda.Farm provides farmers worldwide with innovative products and services that make daily work easier, safer and more efficient. By working closely with farmers and by listening to their wishes, Luda.Farm offers an easily accessible way into the coming digital revolution in agriculture. With 15 years of experience in developing surveillance technology for agriculture, Luda.Farm delivers user-friendly, internet-connected solutions to the agricultural industry. Our company’s goal is to continue to be an innovative leader and to continuously develop new products that are easy to install and easy to use.

13-06-2018 Press release

Luda.Farm launches a fence monitor that keeps the animals in the pasture

Luda.Fence monitors your fences – around the clock

The fence monitor is called Luda.Fence and with this on the fence an average sized farm saves about 50 working hours a year. This makes it an attractive investment concerning to the product’s cost of € 199. But the best thing about Luda.Fence is that you can keep calm and be sure that the animals are kept in the pasture. Luda.Fence monitors the current voltage level in the fence and announces via your phone if the voltage goes below set levels. In other words, real-time information is obtained if the fence is down and can thus be repaired before the animals escape.

 “Thanks to previous product successes in smart camera surveillance for farms and agricultural vehicles, we have created resources to develop new smart sensors that complement our other products. By developing the fence guard Luda.Fence, we have taken a big step closer to our vision, “Your farm in your hand”, which means that farmers can monitor and control their farm via an app“ – Ludvig Brost – CEO of Luda.Farm

Luda.Fence can be connected at any point on your existing fence. The unit can be powered for 2 months with the rechargeable battery, or it can be constantly supplied with 220 V or 12 V. The voltage level of the fence is sent to My.Luda.Farm through the built-in SIM card, which always selects the operator with the strongest signal (i.e. operator-independent). You can check the fence status on your mobile whenever you want without having to physically visit the fence in the field to measure the voltage.

”It’s really nice not having to worry about animals that might have escaped. The animals can be far away when you detect that the fence is down and it takes a lot of time to collect them. The fence guard helps us to act quickly” – Hans Johansson, producteur de lait bio

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