The App That Makes Your Farm Smarter

Relax and get more free time. The My.Luda.Farm app will monitor your farm 24/7. By using sensors, cameras and apps with smart technology you will same time and money. You will also achieve better security and increased control over your farm. The planning tool ToDo is free!


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Organise the work day for you and your staff through To.Do, a planning and task management tool. To.Do is free to use.
Increase animal safety and farm security with our smart FarmCam IP2 cameras.
Switch your electrical equipment on and off with SmartPlug and receive notifications based on temperature or power consumption.
Monitor your electric fence with FenceAlarm. Receive notifications when the voltage drops and when the grass needs cutting.
Monitor your diesel tanks with the Luda.Diesel sensor to prevent theft and unauthorised use.


Download App for Free