A task management system for your farmLuda_film_Luda_ToDo_270px

Luda.ToDo is a work planning tool that is adapted for life on the farm

Free to use with My.Luda.Farm, Luda.ToDo is a work planning and task management tool that makes it easy to plan work and share tasks on your farm. The simple app interface makes it easy to use Luda.ToDo in the tractor, in the stables, or at the dinner table. Get notifications of new or completed tasks, send tasks to your co-workers, and organize your tasks by date, person responsible, or area of work. Create tasks in response to events and send to the person closest to the camera or sensor.


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  • Free to use with My.Luda.Farm
  • Task management and work planning adapted for modern farms
  • Simple interface that is easy to use whether you’re in the tractor or at the dinner table
  • Get notifications of new tasks in app or by email
  • Organize your tasks by…
    • date to see what needs to get done today
    • person responsible to see who can do more tasks
    • area to see what needs to get done where you are right now
  • Combine with your cameras and sensors to create tasks from notifications and alarms