Service prerequisites
The service must be signed within one year of the first installation date in and must be renewed annually to remain valid.

The Lifetime warranty covers all installed components of the system. Components that are an extension of the system at the time of installation are subject to the Lifetime warranty if it meets the requirements.

Components covered by the Lifetime Warranty have extended warranty on materials and system compatibility. The warranty is valid for 10 years after the service is signed.

Lifetime Warranty means that we repair or replace components with technical error at no additional cost during the warranty period. We also guarantee that the installed component is, or will be replaced by component that is, system compatible. This means that if a faulty component has to be replaced and a new component is not working with your system, we are responsible for adjusting the system at no additional cost to you. Lifetime warranty does not include consumables such as batteries. Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage caused by physical impact, accident, natural disaster, use of wrong AC adapter or other use that deviates from Luda.Farm’s advice and instructions.